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For Work. For Play. For Life.

UNION SQUARE AT South Elm  Redevelopment Will Continue Downtown Greensboro’s Renaissance.

VITALITY. VIBRANCY. DIVERSITY. INNOVATION. SUSTAINABILITY. Greensboro’s quality of life continues to renew and evolve, bringing more culture, entertainment and new opportunities to Downtown and along South Elm Street.

On South Elm Street -- across Lee Street and beyond the attractive glow of Elm Street’s many restaurants, theaters, galleries and residences -- there remains much to be done on a street that is a major portal to downtown. This 7-acre tract soon will be redeveloped into a new, southern gateway to Greensboro’s revitalized core.

South Elm Street Is Coming Alive! Redevelopment of this site reflects the City’s proactive commitment to the responsible renewal of South Elm Street's ecological, social and economic balance.

 Click here to download our Descriptive Brochure.